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Magic Cushion


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1 x 125ml Bottle of Swan Anti-Bac Hoof Dressing

TFP's technical director David Nicholls has told us what he thinks about this product.

'Constant wet conditions in the UK produce an ideal time for bacterial and fungal damage to equine feet. Regular use of Swan Anti-Bac is a way of preventing this event from happening or treating the affected feet. Use Swan Anti-Bac weekly around damaged or infected areas of the feet. After the problems are resolved reduce the use of Swan Anti-Bac to fortnightly application.

I have found Swan Anti-Bac very useful in either a preventative the incidences of or treating damaged and diseased feet. Regular application of Swan Anti-Bac has reduced the incidence of hoof fungus and bacterial infections in the equine feet I maintain. I advise fortnightly application of Swan Anti-Bac around the nail holes and damaged hoof walls to prevent problems from arising.'

Regarded by many Farriers and Horse Owners as an important player in maintaining healthy feet and now widely used by farriers, vets and horse owners alike...

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TFP Impression Material

TFP Impression Material

TFP Impression Material should be mixed 50/50. It is used to improve blood flow, help overcome contracted and under run heels. It also helps improve the frog quality and combat Thrush when used with a small amount of Magic Cushion.

Once it has been mixed and has set, it is a consistant hardness all the way through.

Small = 250g White and 250g Pink
Medium = 500g White and 500g Pink
Large = 750g White and 750g Pink

Farriers View

EDSS /TFP Impression Material is a medium grade sole support material that when set up, mimics' normal frog density. The specific grade takes an essential role in supporting the sole and frog without offending the structures minimising the risk of discomfort.

The material is easy to mix and pack into the feet accommodating the full temperature range into a fast set up time. There is no need to worry about set up temperature as the EDSS/TFP Impression Material does not heat up when setting.
All these features of Impression Material and its' consistent quality make this an extremely stable and safe product to use.

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The Equisoft Kit contains:

2 x Equisoft Hoof Pad
1 x Stryofoam Tape
1 x 100g White Impression Material
1 x 100g Pink Impression Material
1 x Instruction Guide

The Equisoft Support System is designed as a first aid measure, to stabilise and protect damaged feet.

The Equisoft Support System is ideally suited to small ponies and horses that are confined to box rest and have a maximum foot width of 12cm.

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TFP's technical director David Nicholls has told us what he thinks about this product.

'Equisoft Kits are perfectly designed for the emergency treatment of the sore feet in the equine patient.
The kit has been designed for application to feet with a maximum foot width of 12.5cm (51/2")
Once applied to the non-painful areas in the rear of the foot, will maximise pain free support to the internal structures.
The fitted pads will cover and protect the more painful areas of the feet and add additional support and comfort to the whole foot.'

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