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Better 4 Hooves is a carefully optimized perfect blend of active ingredients which has created the most effective hoof supplement in the market.

Better 4 Hooves is a totally unique hoof product for the UK. It was created by a farrier with many years of experience at the highest level including being a former farrier for the GB endurance and International three day event teams. The Product has been perfected with input from vets and specialist nutritionists to supply a unique and natural product for horses in competition or simply for equines with poor feet.

Many hoof products are supplied, almost as an add-on, by companies who produce equine supplements in the UK. Whilst they have core ingredients that are the same, it is the fine and special balancing of the blends in Better 4 Hooves which makes it much more effective.

The highest quality ingredients are blended together at appropriate levels to act in a totally synergystic manner, This allows the active ingredients to be fully absorbed and therefore optimized by the horse's body to fully benefit the horn and hoof growth, strength and quality.

Better 4 Hooves is veterinary and farrier approved.

There can be no truer saying than no hoof no horse! There are many factors that contribute to maintaining good hoof horn structure and foot conformation, including genetic, environment and climate. Nutrition is a primary consideration where hoof horn quality and growth are concerned. Both nutritionist and farriers recognise the importance and influence diet has on hoof horn quality. Brittle hooves and poor hoof growth are commonly attributed to nutritional deficiencies. In these cases the correct balance of essential nutritional ingredients is vital in rehabilitating the hooves. The main nutrients that are required for good hoof horn quality and growth include biotin, zinc, sulphur, quality protein and calcium.

Biotin is a B complex vitamin that is normally present in the diet to meet the minimum requirements, whilst the level published to improve hoof horn quality is significantly higher. There are many scientific studies that clearly show the benefit of supplementation with biotin. It has been proven to show that for clinical improvement in hoof growth and structure, biotin is essential. However supplementing biotin alone is unadvisable as results are unpredictable and biotin alone is not enough to improve horn quality as its only one of many essential nutrients needed. Better 4 Hooves packs in 25mg per daily serving, the optimum amount.

Horses with hoof defects to the stratum externum (outer layers ) are more likely to respond to supplementation of the diet with biotin, whereas those with defects to the statum medium (inner layers) are more likely to respond to supplementation with other nutrients, such as additional quality protein and bioavailable calcium. Protein with a good profile of constituent amino acids as well as bioavailable calcium, specifically from alfalfa, has been shown to maintain healthy horn growth. The alfalfa carrier in Better 4 Hooves provides a source of quality protein and bioavailable calcium.

Zinc is needed for the normal keratinisation of hoof horn. A reduced level of zinc in hoof horn has been reported to be associated with decreased hoof horn strength compared to normal horses and this appears to be positively influenced by supplementary zinc.

MSM, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane provides a bioavailable source of organic sulphur needed for the formation of sulphur containing compounds such as biotin. Sulphur is also needed for the formation of cross linkages that strengthen the keratin that is part of hoof horn structure.

Methionine is an essential sulphur containing amino acid that must be supplied by the diet. The structure of hoof horn includes a region known as the matrix, which contains proteins rich in sulphur containing amino acids.

Products | Better 4 Hooves |  Better 4 Hooves Information