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The Equisoft Support System is designed as a first aid measure, to stabilise and protect damaged feet.

The Equisoft Support System is ideally suited to small ponies and horses that are confined to box rest and have a maximum foot width of 12cm.
The best results have been seen when the patient has access to a small area with dry flat firm ground, thus enabling voluntary restricted movement to be achieved.
The Equisoft Support System should be applied by or used in consultation with either a Vet or Farrier.

1.Remove shoes on the affected feet

2.Pick out and clean the sole frog and bars, paying particular attention to the sulci (central and side clefts) of the frogs.  

3.Hoof test the feet, to find the most painful areas. 

4.It is helpful to mark where the most painful areas are. In this case the front part of the foot is more painful.

5.Place, one piece of the enclosed foam, onto the bottom of the foot and trace around the foot.

6.Cut the foam a little larger than the foot.
7.Cut three pieces of the enclosed tape, approximately 10cm (four inches) longer than the widest part of the foot.

8.Take some white impression material and fill half of one foot, behind the painful areas. (This is to check the correct amount required).  Remove the white impression material from the foot.

9.Then take an approximately equal amount of the pink impression material.

10.Mix the two parts together until both parts are blended smoothly together into one colour.

11.Place the blended impression material into the back part of the foot behind the painful areas.

12.Place the three pieces of pre cut tape, width ways over the impression material and place the foot onto the floor. The impression material now has to harden or set, (approximately 5 -10 minutes).

13.Once hardened, trim any impression material that may have spread over the painful areas of the foot.

14.Remove the backing paper and tape the foam, (glue side to the foot) over the bottom of the foot. This should cover the impression material and tape.

15.Take two pieces of tape and initially secure the pad to the hoof. The overlap of the tape secures to the side, toe walls and over the back of the heels.

16.Use some of the remaining tape to further secure the pad to the foot by wrapping the pad and foot together.

17.Finally place some of the wraps over the bulbs of the heels, smoothing the tape as you apply.

Please click here for the instructions in PDF format


Products | Equisoft Support System |  Equisoft Instructions