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Red Horse Artimud

Red Horse Artimud



Artimud is a clay based antimicrobial hoof putty.

Trials showed that although Hoof-Stuff was brilliant in deeper cracks and crevices in the hoof it was unable to stay in shallower cracks and on the surface of the hoof . We came upon the idea that since the only thing that consistently stuck to the areas of the foot we were trying to treat was in fact mud! So we tried to create something similar that had a beneficial rather than detrimental effect - thus Artimud was born.

Artimud can be smoothed, rolled, squashed, spread and moulded to stay in the area it was put so its active antimicrobial and healing agents can sort out the problem.

We have found it useful in the treatment of all the same problems as Hoof Stuff (although not as effective in deeper, anaerobic cracks) but mainly in shallower white line separations, frog clefts, external cracks, thrush etc.

Use Artimud in shallower, more open holes/ cracks and Hoof-Stuff in deeper, tighter ones.

Artimud contains:
•Green french clay - an antimicrobial clay which gives the putty the perfect consistency.

•Bio-active honey - for its antimicrobial qualities and ability to make the putty sticky.

•Zinc Oxide - a powerful, yet harmless antimicrobial powder

•Eucalyptus oil - as well as being a highly effective antimicrobial, this essential oil assists in the toughening of weakened structures.

All the ingredients in Artimud are there to either have an antimicrobial effect or to improve the consistency and hence the longevity of its effect.

We have cut tea tree oil out of the formula as in very rare occasions horses can have an allergic reaction to it. In anaerobic situations it can also detritmentally effect the action of beneficial bacterium!

Farriers View

I use ArtiMud primarily underneath impression material. As it helps the prevention of 'sweating' underneath the silicone. Impression material and pads create an anaerobic environment for the sole and frog allowing for bacteria to spread. The ArtiMud helps remove the moisture and create an environment which is great for the sole and frog and bad for the anaerobic bacteria.

Products | Red Horse Products (Hoofcare) |  Red Horse Artimud